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MOMON: Mobile Monsters

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MOMON: Mobile Monsters下载介绍

版本:1.041   更新时间:2019-05-13

想要查找手机版MOMON: Mobile Monsters下载安装?PP提供MOMON: Mobile Monsters2019版官方下载。
MOMON: Mobile Monsters
DU VAHN, a faraway land inhabited by tribes of the sentient creature, known as Beastmen. Each tribe of Beastmen worships a kind of ancient stone. There are 6 stones, Earth, Wind, Plant, Water, Fire, and Metal. The stones imbued their worshiper with an affinity that reflects the stones characteristic of each element and some choose to live near the stones and build a civilization around the stones. Eventually, great cities were constructed around each stone.
For years Janu wanders the landscape of DU VAHN. But thanks to her knowledge of the ancient language, she amassed quite a lot of knowledge about ancient magic from her time exploring ruins. Then she finds something quite fascinating in the old ruins far south. She discovered the same book that vanished years ago in Tanhu, the only difference now is that she has the time to browse the content of the book. In her anger, Janu condemns Harat for their treatment towards her, condemn the rest of DU VAHN for restricting her to enter the other cities. Using the knowledge contained in the book, she cast a spell that envelops DU VAHN in blinding light. The same spell she felt years ago in Tanhu. Then everything changed.
MOMON: Mobile Monsters
is a Turn Based RPG game, with an outstanding graphic which allows players to collect monsters from various elements. Upgrade your skills and bring your monster together to conquer various stages from different areas. And prove the ability of your monsters squad in
PVP Battle mode.
Explore the World of Du Vahn:

Hu Di Ngin
, a floating city that hovers above the breezy grassland of Du Vahn.

, a city carved into a body of a mountain that house the earth stone.

, a city built mostly with metal by great blacksmiths.

, a city built in a lush forest which is rich in natural resources.

, technically, it’s a gigantic boat that floats above the submerged water stone.

, a city built inside an active volcano, who would've thought?
MOMON: Mobile Monsters Features:
☑ Various monsters to collect
☑ Meet various enemies and bosses
☑ 6 unique areas themes with 180 challenging stages level
☑ Switchable and upgradable skill
☑ Evolution system to strengthen your monsters
☑ Competitive PVP Battle
☑ Attractive gameplay
☑ Colorful and outstanding graphics
Minimum Requirements:
☑ 256 MB Free Space
☑ Android OS v4.4 (KitKat)
☑ CPU Dual-Core 1.2 GHz or Higher
☑ RAM 500 MB
Recommended Requirements:
☑ 256 MB Free Space
☑ Android OS v4.4 (KitKat)
☑ Quad-core 1.5 GHz or Higher
☑ RAM 2 GB
Follow us to stay updated, ask questions or receive surprise in-game gifts:
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We’d love to hear from you so leave a review and tell us what can we do to make this The Best Turn Base and RPG Game.
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MOMON: Mobile Monsters1.041 下载安装说明:

下载MOMON: Mobile Monsters到手机上面的方法有很多。 安卓系统的手机可以在豌豆荚或者PP助手等手机助手里面一键下载安装!也可以通过电脑端用手机扫描MOMON: Mobile Monsters下载的二维码获取下载链接!有手机端直接访问网页下载也是可以的,下面就为大家介绍下手机网页怎么下载最新MOMON: Mobile Monsters1.041
首先,我们手机里要有一个浏览器,小编比较喜欢用UC浏览器,当然可以用手机都是自带网页浏览器的,我这边使用的是华为手机下载最新MOMON: Mobile Monsters
打开UC浏览器或者自带浏览器,我们在地址栏上直接输入最新MOMON: Mobile Monsters下载安装或者最新MOMON: Mobile MonstersAPP下载。然后点击搜索,我们可以看到搜索结果罗列出来,里面都是有MOMON: Mobile Monsters下载的相关信息下载网站,当然推荐大家选择PP助手、豌豆荚这类比较知名的网站下载更加安全可靠
选择进入其中一个MOMON: Mobile MonstersAPP下载的网页,我们可以看到网站头部提供了MOMON: Mobile Monsters的下载链接,有安全下载和普通下载,能选择安全的最好还是选择安全下载
接着网页提示有下载内容,这时我们不用更改文件名,至于文件保存路径根据个人喜爱可改可不改,这边小编选择默认路径。单击确定,可以看到文件就已经开始下载了,我们等待他下载安装完即可 第五步:
回到手机桌面就可以看到已经安装好的最新MOMON: Mobile Monsters1.041,点击MOMON: Mobile MonstersAPP图标进入欢迎页就可以开始使用了

MOMON: Mobile Monsters用到的系统权限:

关闭其他应用 允许应用程序修改任何无线网络配置 通知阻塞设备系统更新 绑定至打印服务 管理语音关键短语 更改系统显示设置


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